Phone number for consultations

You can receive consultation on possible violations of human rights or good governance in a state or local government institution, discrimination or violation of equal treatment.

Worker contacts

Employee contacts

On-site consultations

To apply for on-site consultation, please contact +371 67686768 or +371 20455634 or via e-mail and receive a confirmation on the date and time of consultation.
People with questions on the rights of refugees and asylum seekers are welcome to call +371 26128600


We invite people with reduced mobility using wheelchairs and visitors with baby strollers to use the call button at the entrance with a corresponding indication. Security guard then organizes entry into the premises via the adapted entrance informing the client consultant.

Media contacts


+371 29174723 +371 26468456


Registration details

Ombudsman's Office of the Republic of Latvia
Registration number: 90000055101
Address: Baznīcas iela 25, Rīga, LV-1010
Bank: Valsts kase (The State Treasury)
Konts: LV04TREL2050008003000