Annual report on the year 2012 by Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia

When looking back to the work done in 2012, can responsibly say that in view of the existing capacity the Ombudsman’s Office is working at full strength. If 2011 was more regarded as a year of changes associated not only with the management change, but mainly with determination of specific objectives and priorities for several subsequent years, then 2012 was characterised by a certain set of activities to facilitate the achievement of it. It also meant the review of resources, namely by focusing of resources for more priorities and by making changes also in the structure of the Office.

For Latvia to be democratic, law-governed and developed country, Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Latvia will continue to work with strengthening of human rights and good administration since these factors are significant for development of the State and for public well-being.

Please find annual report on the year 2012 attached.