Meeting with representatives of the UNHCR

Today, on 8 August, Santa Tivaņenkova, legal counsellor of the Civil and Political Rights Division and Zanda Rūsiņa, legal counsellor of the Prevention Division, met with representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representation for the Nordic and Baltic Countries — associate legal officer Kari Käsper and senior external relations associate Anna Audere.

During the visit, they discussed topical issues in the field of migration, including monitoring visits at the European external border. Special attention was paid to the situation on the Latvian-Russian border, also in relation to the flow of Ukrainian refugees entering Latvia from Russia. The situation on the Latvian-Belarusian border was also discussed, as well as the conditions in the accommodation centre “Daugavpils” for detained foreigners.

Meeting room at the Ombudsman’s Office. The representatives of the UNHCR Kari Kaspers (closest) and Anna Audere (further away), sit along the left side of the table. Along the right side of the table - Santa Tivaņenkova, Legal Counsellor of the Civil and Political Rights Division (further away), Ruta Siliņa, Head of the Communication and International Cooperation Division (middle) and Zanda Rūsiņa, Legal Counsellor of the Prevention Division (closest).