Meeting with representatives of the US Embassy in Latvia

Today, on August 17, Deputy Ombudsman Ineta Piļāne, Legal counsellors of the Civil and Political Rights Division Matīss Malojlo and Santa Tivaņenkova and Head of Communication and International Cooperation Division Ruta Siliņa met with representatives of the United States of America (USA) Embassy in Latvia – Sophia Ashley and Kristīne Antužāne.

They discussed the Ukrainian refugee crisis, including the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Latvia. The current situation on the Latvian-Belarusian border was also addressed, as well as the criticisms expressed by the non-governmental organisation “Amnesty International” regarding the mistreatment of migrants by Latvian border guards. During the meeting, participants also discussed the issue of trafficking in human beings.

A meeting room in the Ombudsman’s Office. On one side of the conference table - Matīss Malojlo, Legal counsellor of the Civil and Political Rights Division (PPTN) (furthest), Deputy Ombudsman Ineta Piļāne and Legal counsellor of PPTN Santa Tivaņenkova (closest). On the other side of the table — Kristine Antužāne (furthest) and Sofia Ashley (closest), representatives of the Embassy of the United States (USA) in Latvia.