Mobbing and Bossing

The words “mobbing” and “bossing” are used to describe constant psychological violence in employment relationships – attacks on a person’s self-confidence, self-esteem and professional competence. Mobbing is psychological terror implemented by employees, when one or more colleagues systematically target someone else in a hostile way. Bossing is psychological terror against the employee by the employer or management. The abuser, who is in a superior position, often also instigates and involves other colleagues/employees. Often, for convenience, both mobbing and bossing in the working environment are referred to as “mobbing”.

It is important to remember that the term “mobbing” does not refer to a single, individual case of psychological harassment. Mobbing is a set of repeated or continuous actions with a single goal – to force the victim to leave the workplace.

Example: My boss regularly invites the whole team to lunch, except me. He has also created a Whatsapp group in which I am not included. Colleagues don’t tell me what is being discussed there. I want to know if this is mobbing.

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